Mines game

How to play?

To start the game, you need to place your bet and click on one of the squares. You cannot bet more than your balance! If there is no bet, you can practice opening all the squares.

Game rules

When you click on a square, it will be filled with one of the colors. Orange means you won, red means you lost.
Attention! When a red square falls out, you lose your bet and everything that you win in the current game, in one session. In the "Earned" column, you will see how much you won after clicking on the square. This amount is added to your balance automatically. In the "next block" column you will see the amount of bitcoins you can win by clicking on the next square. In the "Status" column you will see the result of the current game - whether you won or not. "Combo" - the number of winning moves in a row. You can stop the game at any time, for this you simply do not need to click on the free squares. To start a new game - click on the "New game" button.
Good luck!

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Player Combo Bet Profit
Борис 2 0.00000126 0.00000210
Борис 1 0.00000126 0.00000084
Борис 4 0.00000100 0.00000445
Борис 3 0.00000100 0.00000171
Борис 2 0.00000100 0.00000107
Борис 1 0.00000100 0.00000067
Player Combo Bet Profit
acid 2 0.00040001 0.00042667
acid 1 0.00056336 0.00037557
acid 1 0.00056336 0.00037557
acid 1 0.00056336 0.00037557
acid 1 0.00050001 0.00033334
acid 1 0.00040001 0.00026667