Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This is a separate world of the Bitcoin network, where there is no place for cheating, fraud, deception. Here you can store your bitcoins, buy or sell any services or just chat with the crypto community.

The idea of creating this site appeared during the big commissions of the Bitcoin network. There have been cases when the commission is higher than the payment itself, of many This scared off potential crypto amateurs. Nowadays, as everyone knows, it is not so simple to withdraw anonymous cryptocurrency - anonymously. This site will offer you such a service. Now you can transfer Bitcoins in this system for free to your friends, relatives, partners, colleagues and so on, without overpaying extra satoshi and freely withdrawing them. The site is fully automated.

To register, you need to click on the "register" button and fill in all the necessary fields. Please note that after registering it will not be possible to change your email, as it will be used for authentication in transactions. In case a change is necessary - please contact support via the usual contact form

Yes, you can visit paid links every day. The amount you receive will depend on the cost of the click. You can track all transactions in your panel, in the "My Transactions" window

You can publish your site by clicking "Sites" on the main page or in the "my Sites" section in your panel. To publish your site you must fill in all the fields and enter cost-per-click (CPC) if you want to promote it faster. By default, this value is 0. If the value is above 0, then you will see the necessary amount for publishing your site. The amount will be automatically deducted from your balance. The site does not have an expiration date, its published forever, you can edit and buy clicks in its panel.

To get into the first positions and attract more traffic, you can buy paid clicks. This service gives each visitor your specified pay per click on your site. Who has a higher CPC - the higher in position. Free sites are sorted alphabetically.

You can buy clicks when publishing a site or by editing your site in the menu of your sites.

STEP 1: Sales Amount
To sell bitcoins, go to the "Payouts" tab on the main page and click on the "Sell" button. On the buyers page you will see its price for bitcoin, its limits , the term of the transaction and other necessary information. If you want to sell all your bitcoins, click on the "Sell all your bitcoins" button. This operation will calculate your balance and seller limits and give you the best option. You can also simply enter BTC or currencies into the windows and automatically convert bitcoins. Under the calculator you can see how much you will receive in the seller’s currency and how much bitcoins will be sold, taking into account the commission of the site (1%). After you decide on the amount to be sold, click on the "Sell Bitcoins" button, double-check all the information and click Confirm Deal.

STEP 2: Waiting for a deal to be submitted
At this step, you wait until the buyer agrees to your transaction. Only at this step will you have the opportunity to cancel the transaction until the buyer has agreed to it.

STEP 3: Buyer agrees to a deal
After confirming the transaction, you will receive a message that the buyer agrees to the transaction. Now we wait for the buyer to send the money.

STEP 4: Buyer sent money
You will receive a notification that the transaction on the part of the buyer has been completed and now the last action is only yours. When you receive the money - click on the "Release Bitcoins" button, you will complete the deal on your part. If for some reason the money has not arrived or the transaction has expired, the transaction will automatically be frozen to clarify the circumstances. In this case, you will need to contact the support service that will consider the transaction and decide in favor of the victim, so we will protect you from fraud.

In case of any ambiguity, you can at any step correspond with the transaction in the "Comments" section or use telegram app.

STEP 1: Purchase Amount
To sell bitcoins, go to the "Payouts" tab on the main page and click on the "Buy Bitcoins" button. Enter values in all fields (price for bitcoin, payment method, currency, limits, transaction conditions and more). Under the terms of the transaction, you can indicate what your payment purpose will be, warn the seller against unverified accounts in payment systems, indicate a language that is convenient for communication, at what time it’s convenient for you to make a deal and other nuances necessary for successful communication between the seller and the buyer. After entering all the information, click on the "Add ad" button. At this stage your ad created, waiting for seller ..

STEP 2: Agree to a deal
As soon as one of the sellers agree to your transaction, you will receive an notification. At this stage, you can confirm the deal or cancel it for any reason. To confirm the deal, read the payment amount and if you are satisfied with everything, click on "Confirm deal" button.

STEP 3: Transaction Payment
And so, you have already confirmed the deal, now you just have to send the money to the seller. After sending money to complete the last step, you need to provide a screen of the transaction from the payment system and click to "Complete the deal." Further, nothing more is required of you, it remains to wait until the seller receives the money and releases the bitcoins.

In case of any ambiguity, you can at any step correspond with the transaction in the "Comments" section or use telegrams. DOES NOT NEED your documents, but if you make a deal with a Bitcoin buyer and there is such a point in his requirements, then this your right agree to a deal with him or not. In order to avoid problems, the site certainly recommends following the terms of the transaction, if they indicate the presence of documents, provide the necessary information to the buyer - thus the site does not contribute to the financing of terrorism and other illegal activities.
Make this decision before creating and agreeing to a deal.

In order to send bitcoins to another user of this network, go to "myDashboard" and click on the "Send BTC" button. Enter the required amount, recipient’s email address and click on the “Send” button. Payments on the network are carried out instantly, you can see the history of them in your panel in the "My Transactions" window.

We use the "Estimate smart fee" technology of our Bitcoin node, which produces the result of SATOSHI / KB. According to approximate calculations, for a successful and quick execution (getting into 2 blocks, max. 60 min.), A network cost value of 1KB / 3 is required. The commission may be slightly higher than after getting into the network of bitcoins (no more than 100 satoshi), the difference goes to bank - the amount will be spent on competitions, lotteries among network users.

Publishing your site: 0.0005 BTC (one-time fee)
Bitcoin sale: 1% of the amount of bitcoins after a successful deal
Withdrawal of funds to external BTC wallets: 0.0001 + commission of the Bitcoin network
Re-purchase clicks - FREE.
Transferring bitcoins among users is FREE.
Editing your sites, ads - FOR FREE.

- For the creation of each discussion, you get 0.00000100 BTC
- For a post in the discussion, you get 0.00000050 BTC
You can see the entire amount earned on the main page of the forum or in your panel. Bitcoins will not be transferred to your main account if the moderator deletes your discussion or post, which violate the rules of the forum in 24 hours. For security reasons, a reward will be distributed automatically every day at 23:59.

Currently, these systems are paypal and skrill, but since the site is improving every day, in the near future it is planned to introduce more than 10 systems for your convenience. If you have any suggestions what systems you want to see on this site - write to us.

Yes, when making a deal, will be your intermediary to prevent fraud. When it comes to buying / selling bitcoins, then from beginning to end, our Bitcoin reservation protection system is present, which will allow Bitcoin to be paid to the buyer only if when the seller received money for it and both participants will be satisfied. In the case when the deal expires, the system will determine the status and decide on it - cancel the transaction or freeze (if money has already been sent). In the first case, the buyer will receive their bitcoins back, in the second - the support service will request information from the buyer with payment system and if it is confirmed - will release bitcoins in favor of the buyer.

If you were deceived, buyer didn’t send money from the sale of bitcoins, or vice versa, the seller does not click the “Release Bitcoins” button, although the money has already arrived, the main thing is not to worry! Our system will insure you and the deal at this stage (upon expiration) will become frozen until an indefinite time. In this case, you need to contact support with the transaction number (or just send a link to the deal) which in its the queue will check the entire transaction, if necessary, request information and ultimately determine and release bitcoins in favor of the victim.

The referral system is as follows:
For 1-2 invited users: you get 1% of its deals and publication sites.
3 and more - 2% of its deals and publication sites.
7 and more - 5% of its deals and publication sites.
15 and more - 10% of its deals and publication sites.
50 and more - 15% of its deals and publication sites.
120 and more - 20% of its deals and publication sites.

In order for the reward from the user to come to you, the user needs to make a deal or publish a site.
The reward will be distributed automatically every day at 23:59.

Additional information you can find here.

Critical errors and problems with transactions are considered immediately with high priority, other issues - in the order of priority, depending on the workload of the support service.

If the error is critical, then as a reward you will receive a bonus like a bitcoins in your account + your rating on the site will be increased. The amount depends on the criticality of this error. If the error is non-critical, then you will receive additional points to your rating. You can report a bug through the contact form on the site.

In the future we plan:
- Increasing the number of payment methods for transactions
- Creation of a system of referrals (encouragement when inviting new users)
- Process Optimization
.... and much more.

Oh sure! We encourage any initiative from our users, we are ready to listen to any suggestions for improving and developing the site, as well as suggestions for optimizing ongoing processes.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Support.